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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Gorka
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Gorka


Originally from the North of Spain, Gorka arrived back to Barcelona with the new century after travelling half way around the globe. Nature photographer, mountain trekker and city walker, he fell in love with this place more than two decades ago. To him, unveiling its secrets to visitors is more a pleasure than a job. Together with Ann-Marie, he is the co-founder of Runner Bean Tours.

"Gorka shared with us the history of Barcelona with such enthusiasm that he felt like an ambassador of Catalonian culture & history"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Jessi
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Jessi


When Jessi was a child, her architect father dragged her all around the planet to see the world's greatest buidings. Years later, when she moved to Barcelona, she was so enchanted by the "Modernisme" architecture that she decided to make it her home. Showing people the architectural marvels of the city is something she never gets tired of.

"Jessi was probably hands down the best walking tour guide we have encountered in our travels. She was quite knowledgable, fun and attentive"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Tati
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Tati


Born and bred in Barcelona, Tati's curiosity for all that is new and different makes her the perfect tour guide. After studying Fine Arts in the city, she spent a few years in Asia and the middle East before coming back to her hometown. Her enthusiasm for her city is contagious and she is always looking forward to sharing it with others.

"Tatiana was our guide for the Gaudi tour. She had an obvious love for her subject matter and was a very friendly, energetic leader"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Miguel
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Miguel


Having been born in the island of Mallorca, very near Barcelona, it is no surprise that Miguel is in love with the Mediterranean culture. He specialised in tourism and, after travelling around Europe, he decided to come back to his roots. When you don't find him snorkelling or spearfishing you will have the pleasure of him showing you Barcelona's treasures.

"Miguel was terrific, very knowledgable with such a pleasant demeanor. Tour was informative and interesting"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Ruth
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Ruth


Ruth was born and raised in London. She moved to Barcelona quite a few years ago at the age of 22 with a degree in Hispanic Studies. A professional tour guide, puppeteer, children's entertainer and storyteller with a great love for comedy, in her spare time she likes to go for walks and watch the city pass her by. After a tour with her you would probably want more.

"Our guide Ruth was friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable. I would recommend her for any families visiting Barcelona"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Marc
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Marc


Marc was born in Barcelona and this is where he has lived most of his life. A graphic designer by trade, musician by night and tour guide by day, his quest for knowledge is endless and his passion for Barcelona will keep you engaged for hours. Deep into the contemporary cultural scene, he'll readily tell you about the next event that can not be missed.

"Marc was absolutely excellent. There is no way we would have found the gems they pointed out to us by ourselves"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Jarrod
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Jarrod


During a 3 year trip around the world, Jarrod arrived to Barcelona and made a last minute decision not to get on the next plane. 10 years later, he is proud to call it home. He loves meeting travellers from all over the world and always looks forward to telling visitors about the best that Barcelona has to offer. You won't be disappointed in his company.

"Jarrod was very articulate, well organized, likeable, funny, we could really feel his passion for the city."

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Catherine
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Catherine


After graduating in History of Art and Architecture, Catherine moved to Spain to advance her knowledge in Islamic Art and Catalan Art Noveau. She is now specialised in modern 20th century history of the city, a turbulent time that comprises themes such as anarchism and the Spanish Civil War. Her fascination with the rich troubled history of the city is addictive. She will be your guide on the City of Contrast Tour.

"Catherine didn't bury us in facts and dates, simply told a story that put it all in context. A most rewarding and enjoyable tour"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Zoe
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Zoe


Lovely Zoe is an architect who had the privilege of studying in the same college that Gaudí attended in Barcelona. When not designing buildings or making furniture, you will have the honour of her company on tour. Knowledgeable and friendly, she will expertly open your eyes to the the fascinating world of Catalan Art Nouveau.

"Zoe was very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions with a smile. Also the tips she gave us in the end on restaurants, bars and other things to do in the city were spot on!"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Eric
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Eric


Eric is cool and slick with a thirst for learning. Irish in origin, destiny made him land in Barcelona a few years back and he has adapted to its customs very easily. With a background in teaching and a strong interest in Catalan history, you are sure to have a great time with him. His great sense of humour is sure to put a smile on most people's faces.

"Went on the old city tour with Eric today. Was fantastic! He was personable, informative and fun. One of the best tours I've done"

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Lisa
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Lisa


Lisa has been living in Barcelona and loving every minute of it for over a decade. Although trained in sociology, her career has moved since towards theatre, story telling and tour guiding, which she has been doing for years in Catalonia. Any questions about Gaudí, Modernisme, Montserrat and wine, Lisa is the person to ask. We promise you will fall in love with her personality and charm as much as we did.

"The tour gave us a great insight into Gaudí's life and progression of his work. Lisa, our lovely guide, was well informed and enthusiastic about her subject, but also helpful with regard to other aspects of visiting Barcelona."

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Barcelona Free Walking Tour guide: Lowri
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Lowri


From the green green grasses of Wales, Lowri succumbed to the charms of Barcelona ten years ago. With a degree in literature and a MA in theatre studies, her love of telling a story is part of everything she does. It is the legends and amazing history of Barcelona and its beautiful architecture that really inspired her to become a tour guide.

"Lowri was fun, informative and knew her stuff. A great way yo learn about a fantastic part of Barcelona with some quirky tales thrown in, loved every minute"

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Our Museum guides:
Barcelona Walking Tour guide: Ann-Marie
Barcelona Free walking tour guide: Ann-Marie


Armed with a degree in Ceramics, Ann-Marie spent the next few years running her own workshop, teaching Art and travelling extensively. She feels it was the luck of the Irish to have arrived in Barcelona a few years back. Passionate about guiding, she loves giving tourists insight to this wonderful city. Together with Gorka, she is the co-founder of Runner Bean Tours.

"Ann Marie was so knowledgeble about the city and so eager to share. Her love of the amazing architecture was infectious"

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Barcelona Walking Tour guide: Gemma
Barcelona walking tour guide: Gemma


Gemma is a homegrown Barcelonan with an incessant hunger for learning and communication. Having taught teenagers for a few years, she turned her sights to tour guiding. She is very interactive and loves pointing out small hidden details of the streets and sharing the unique Catalan culture and habits with visitors. You will adore her bubbly personality and easy going nature.

"All of us on the tour were impressed with Gemma's knowledge, professionalism, and passion. She helped us to understand and appreciate what could have otherwise been an overwhelming experience."

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Barcelona Walking Tour guide: Mari Carmen
Barcelona walking tour guide: Mari Carmen


Mari is a true local hailing from Barcelona. She has a deep interest in the Art and architecture of the city and is currently studying history of Art (something she has always longed to do). She absolutely loves her job of tour guiding and her very sweet personality immediately wins you over. You are in very capable and knowledgeable hands when on her tour.

"Mari was fantastic. Her English was perfect. Loved the history and stories she was able to tell us about every building"

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Barcelona Walking Tour guide: Eli
Barcelona walking tour guide: Eli


Elisabet (or Eli as most of her friends call her) has been enjoying showing her city to visitors for a few years now and she never gets tired of it. She has worked and lived in all corners of the world, from Belgium to Tanzania, Turkey, Brasil or the US but she always ends up coming back. A never ending smile is just waiting for you in Barcelona.

"We learned a lot about the city and Spain as a whole. Our guide was very friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend to everyone!"

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