Free Walking Tours Barcelona. Runner Bean Tours

A family tour company in Barcelona

Join our free tours for a taste of Barcelona, come along on our other walking tours to find out more or maybe schedule a private tour.

A small family company

a small family company The touch of a local business

Who is Runner Bean Walking Tours Barcelona? We are Gorka & Ann-Marie, a Spanish-Irish couple who started this walking tours project in 2010 inspired by our passion and love for everything with Barcelona’s name on it. We love this city and we love our job.

When we first started, it was only the two of us leading the tours. As we became more popular over the years, we expanded our team to other like-minded guides. You will still find us guiding you (as we have always been) and answering all your queries by email or phone to ensure that extra bit of personal attention.

Working on new tours as well as constantly learning and discovering what Barcelona has to offer is one of the things that we think makes our job the best one in the world!

Only in Barcelona

that is only in Barcelona Supporting responsible tourism

Sometimes people ask if we offer our walking tours in other places apart from Barcelona. The answer is no. We are not a multi-national as we feel it is important not to lose touch with your city and your people.

We strongly support responsible tourism and participate only with small, local businesses within the community.

Small and local is the way to go. That is why we believe in projects like United Europe Free Tours and Free Walking Tours By Locals, networks of independent companies which we belong to. This is a great way to offer Free Tours all around the world without compromising the quality and the local perspective.

Enthusiastic friendly guides

With enthusiastic friendly guides Meet our small team

There is no doubt about this: the backbone of Runner Bean Tours are the guides. And there is no way around it: if someone is not passionate about what they do, they will never do it right.

We are all local professional guides ready to welcome you, share our knowledge of the city and help you discover Barcelona in a fun and friendly manner. And all of that with a big smile.

Affordable prices

at affordable prices For everyone to enjoy Barcelona

We, ourselves, are the ones who deal with all the nitty gritty organisation behind the scenes. This cuts down on a lot of the overheads but we believe that overall it gives a more satisfying personal service. Lots of work but worth it when you love what you do.

Our philosophy is: “fair prices and high standards are very compatible” and a bit of honesty can go a very long way.

Welcome to Barcelona. We really wish you a great time here!

The Runner Bean Walking Tours Barcelona team

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